It was great to meet you and I loved the passion, energy and time you put into our special day. Truly hope our paths cross again soon
(Groom at Steampunk / Star Wars / Dr Who themed wedding October '16)

You can now listen to Steampunk DJ on a livestream broadcast every Sunday 8 - 10pm (UK time obviously) at:

Never Mind The Clockworks, Here's the SteamStream

Pitched somewhere between a live DJ gig & a traditional radio show, NMtCHtSS is put together "on the fly" from a predetermined playlist that would probably take 2 hours more than broadcast time to play the whole thing (This means it invariably overruns slightly).   I do it this way because I like to keep things fresh & too much planning in advance can make things seem a little stale. In essence, the show will pretty much be what I do / play at Steampunk events, minus the silly tracks that accompany the likes of Tea Duelling, Familiar Flinging etc & with a little more talking between tracks.  Expect to hear music from Steampunk acts, music with Steampunk themes, Chap-Hop, Electro-Swing, Balkan Beats & music that evokes the feel of Steampunk (tracks from non-Steampunk acts, the odd song from a Musical, Music Hall songs & the like). 

Never Mind the Clockworks now features the public domain silent movies that I use for various projections at Steampunk events.  I've recently acquired a lot of foreign (mainly Spanish & German) films (not that it matters, they're silent) to add to my collection of  Georges Méliès & other Victorian & Edwardian movies, so there's plenty of variety.  If you fancy watching the show while you listen, you won't see the same thing week in, week out.

There will also be  the occasional  non Steampunk show, like the Halloween Special, Christmas & New Year shows which have  crossed genres with other stuff I like (& some I don't). I also do genre-specific shows, ones either in the pipeline or with at least one show already done are: Back To My Roots, which covers the likes of Punk, New Wave, PowerPop, Alternative, Goth, Post-Punk, New Romantic, Glam, Indie etc.  SkaTunes Time, which covers Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae from the 60s originals through the revivals in the 70s & 80s.  Voices Green & Purple, which is dedicated to Garage Punk, Freakbeat & the like. Again, covering the 60s originals & later revivals. A selection of non Steampunk shows is available to listen on demand, on my Mixcloud page, along with (eventually) every edition of Back To My Roots (I'm re-doing the early volumes, as I want all the playlists available on demand) .

The shows have had a bit of a revamp, with added background visuals on the stream.  They are still essentially "radio" shows, but they now have more of a feel of what my live show is like, with the animations standing in as a virtual light-show. 

*See the "playlists" page for an idea of what I'm on about.

Steampunk DJ at Steampunk festival

Jolly decent ol'boy with a knack of putting together some rather fine tunes        Great music, great set & thoroughly splendid chap - top notch!

(Ben Henderson, Organizer: Surrey Steampunk Convivial)

Steampunk DJ booth. Steampunk DJ

Perfect for Steampunk, vintage, type events. Really good selection of music, fun set up and the DJ looks like he loves what he does!

(Attendee at Surrey Steampunk Convivial)

Not just Steampunk

Many other genres can be covered too. As a full time DJ of many years standing, the music collection I have available to me is extremely large and diverse. Music often gets added to my collection on a daily basis.


Other genres I can cover

Rock, Indie, Metal, Ska, Rock & Roll, Rocksteady, Reggae, Psychobilly, Garage Punk, Surf / Instro, Punk & Alternative are genres I like & have good knowledge of, although most mainstream music isn't a problem (I am a functions DJ after all)

So, is Steampunk a genre then?

Well, that all depends on who you talk to.  As a rule, Steampunk music is by and large music made by Steampunks and / or music that has a feel of Steampunk (and that can be a little hard to define).


I can play  music from major Steampunk artists and many more besides. Whatever your interpretation of Steampunk is, let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen for you.
Steampunk DJ is a full time mobile DJ & now, internet livestream "radio" presenter, with many years experience playing at all sorts of functions and events for Corabar Entertainment. From house parties in somebody's living room, to larger events at such venues as Alexandra Palace and the East of England Showground.  Bike Rallies, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Formal Balls & Masonic events to name but few. is a side venture for me away from the Corabar brand, but very much under their umbrella (which means I come with all the back up and assurance you would get from an established full time entertainment provider). See our main website more info on us and the services we can provide, or if you're getting married, have a look at our wedding site Services from all 3 businesses can be combined

What you won't get is somebody who turns up in character & spends the whole event saying things like splendid, spiffing and indubitably (although they are undoubtedly splendid words & should really be used more often). Nothing against anyone who chooses to do so, but it's not me. I love the look, I love the style, but I'm me & frankly that keeps me occupied enough without going to the effort of pretending to be somebody else as well.

Steampunk DJ Wedding booth

What we do

Well, I say we....

A Mobile DJ who is a Steampunk

Steampunk Music & Livestreams