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Never mind the clockworks, here's the steamstream

Listen live every Sunday 8-10pm (UK time) on the above link

(Will take you to the general Mixcloud live site when the show isn't on).

All the usual sort of stuff:  Steampunk acts, Chap-Hop, Electro-Swing, Dark Cabaret, Balkan Beats etc...

The livestreams all now feature visuals on screen as well as the music.  The Steampunk shows also feature a silent movie show, featuring public domain films from the very earliest days of cinema.  Most, well over 100 years old.  See the YouTube clip below for a peak.

Link For Live Shows

The show has recently moved home.  This means each show will be available as an audio broadcast "On Demand" after broadcast, starting with NMtCHtSS #76.  Use this link.  This will take you to the SteampunkDJuk Mixcloud page, where all shows available to listen on demand are located.

Forthcoming Public Events

Events I am performing at  that anyone can attend

(subject to tickets etc..)

Surrey Steampunk Convivial 2023

February 25th & 26th

New Livestreams

(all Same link as above )

Back to my Roots

The 10th edition,  11th February 9pm
Click the picture to go to the show

Back to My Roots Livestream Punk, New Wave, Powerpop, Post Punk, New Romantic, Goth Alternative, Glam
Steampunk DJ at Surrey Steampunk Convivial
Steampunk DJ Livestream.