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As a top event DJ, Steve knows his material, aiming straight for the heart of any Steampunk event, the music. With his unique set of period velvet draped booth, artful gaslamp illuminations, and old world flickering projections, you would be forgiven in thinking you had slipped back a century or so. Combine this with a state of the art sound system however, and you have the future and the past combining to bring the house down, and pack the dance floor.   (Mark Round, ex-Brthrite)

Steve always plays the best tunes - old and new. I love that he throws in some great old Victorian sing-a-long songs as well as Abney Park's latest. He adds such fun to his music - he played for two days straight at the third Surrey Steampunk Convivial and I could have listened for a week! He picked the perfect songs for each activity as well as music to chill to, to dance to and to enjoy!   (Attendee, Surrey Steampunk Convivial)

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I have tracks by all your favourite Steampunk and Steampunk friendly artists including (but not limited to): The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Vernian Process, Steam Powered Giraffe, Tankus The Henge, Frenchy And The Punk, Automaton, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Professor Elemental, Voltaire, Swing Republic, Gogol Bordello, Tom Slatter, Birthrite, Metropolis, Ghostfire, Moth, Beats Antique, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Shanklin Freakshow, BB Blackdog, The Clockwork Quartet, The Dead Victorians, Parov Stelar, Skeewiff, Stex, Scott Bradlee And Postmodern Jukebox, Emilie Autumn, Sunday Driver, Gladstone, Darwin Prophet, Alice Moving Under Skies, Haferflocken Swingers, Marquis of Vaudeville, Beat Circus, Absinthe Rose, Poison Garden, The Cog Is Dead, Walter Sickert And The Army Of Broken Toys, The Electro Swingers, Sir Reginald Pikedevant Esq, This Way to the Egress, Victor Sierra, Ague, Crimson Clocks, Dirtwire, Seas of Mirth, The Filthy Spectacula, The Nathaniel Johnstone Band, Montague Jaques Fromage Steampunk Funk Bizarre,  Abney Park, The Wattingers, Thy Last Drop, Gurdybird, Victor and the Bully, Captain of the Lost Waves & more......

At Steampunk events I can also throw in some more "period" style background music, Victorian and Edwardian Music Hall songs, Barrel and Steam Organ Music & Musical Boxes, as well as the odd song from an appropriate Musical.

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At private functions, weddings, birthdays and the like, the music choice is often very important to the hosts of the event.  As well as general steampunkery (I doubt that's an actual word, but it should be), we will give you the opportunity to ask for your absolute favourites in advance. You can use the function on this page* (below) to have a look at the songs we have available and search for your favourites.  All the above artists and more, both Steampunk and other genres. Bear in mind, the database is hardly ever completely up to date, with music being bought on a weekly, if not daily basis.  If it's not showing, it doesn't necessarily mean I / we don't have it.  However....... Once the booking is confirmed, as well as being able to choose tracks from the database, you can also create custom requests of songs that aren't.  If the track in question is commercially available, we'll do our best to get it for your event.
*This link will take you to our parent company's music database.

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Steampunk musicians, Chap-Hop, Electro- Swing and Steampunk friendly sounds. As I mentioned on the "About Us" page, Steampunk music is pretty much any music played (or for that matter listened to) by Steampunks. Being aware of this means that we can cater to our target audience.Don't forget though, just because the DJ is Steampunk, all the music doesn't have to be.